Discover Islam UK Updates 2012

Exhibitions & IAW

Discover Islam Exhibitions & IAW

We organise various Islam Open Day Events and Islamic Cultural Exhibitions. The event is an Informal Islamic Informative Exhibition organised in a local Library or Town hall aimed at non-Muslims. Advertising for the event is carried out 3 weeks before the event and apart from the local community, community leaders are invited to the event.

On the day of the event visitors have refreshments, view the exhibition & have discussions with the hosts. A gift bag containing Holy Quran, Brief illustration guide and at the end details of the individuals are taken and they are informed of new events that are going to take place in their area.

Avenues for advertisement used are newspapers, billboards / underground tube advertisements & local leaflet distribution.

Islam Awareness Weeks

Islam Awareness Week(IAW) is a week-long series of lectures, workshops, and seminars held across University campuses in London and the UK to increase awareness about Islam and issues related to Muslims. These activities specifically focus on dispelling stereotypes and prejudices surrounding Islam and Muslims. The actual week selected for holding IAW varies from one University campus to another.

We host a series of Islam Awareness Week Exhibitions in various locations as well as Islam Awareness Weeks at various Universities within the United Kingdom. Whether it’s one week or two weeks we are able to provide the necessary resources to cater for your event.

If you would like to Book Us for an event at your School, College or University or if it’s your place of work please fill in the registration form.