Discover Islam UK Updates 2012


What People Say About Us?

Richard, from Brackenbury Primary School, London

Really enjoyable visit and extremely informative, thank you.

Amy Goodridge, from Brackenbury Primary School, London

Excellent, thank you very much. It was very informative and it was great to see the praying session. The children really enjoyed it and learned a lot.

James Bently, from Putney, London

Very informative, well presented, very friendly hosts.

J. Roach Wimbledon Exhibition

Very helpful. I am an atheist but am open to the other beliefs.

A Visitor Lewisham Town Hall

Well, well displayed. Although, only knew about it on the street today.

Rod Comos Lambeth ToWN Hall

An enlightening experience. Thank you.

Kamil Feleralc, Townmead Youth Hall

Reading posters gave me a better view on Islam.(A less practicing Muslim)

Z. Suin, Kensington Library

Well presented , very friendly reception.

David Puckey, Wimbledon

A wonderful time to learn about Islam.

H. Cowie, New Maldon

Very informative . Enjoyed discussion about life and its meanings.

Clive Spearman, Brixton Town Hall

Are you going to be here next year?

W. Woods, Chesea Town Hall

A great pleasure and ‘surprise’.

Dr. S Davis, Chelsea Town Hall

Excellent idea. Please keep me in contact.

Remi Fadare, Brixton Exhibition

Very informative and insightful and not forceful.

Jaime Kalychurn Lambeth Town Hall (Shahadah)

I have had the most amazing and informative day. I have been given a great welcome and have enjoyed the information and presentations which have opened my eyes to Islam. Thank you to the organizers.