Makkah challenge

Welcome to Discover Islam’s Makkah Challenge:

Discover Islam is an education organisation working towards presenting a better understanding of Islam in United Kingdom. It has various programmes that allow masses to learn about Islam’s beautiful principles.

The Makkah Challenge has been organised to raise funds for the charity to allow Discover Islam to promote a better understanding of the religion, clarify misconceptions and promote intellectual dialogue.

Your chance to be part of a great initiative, take part in ‘The Makkah Challenge’ & raise funds for Discover Islam. You will visit Makkah, perform Umrah, climb ‘Mount Noor’ (Cave Hira) & ‘Mount Thawr during your stay in Makkah. You will also visit various historical sites that carry religious significance in Makkah & at the end have the opportunity to visit the city of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu alihi wasalam – Medina Al-Munwarra.

You will be accompanied by experienced staff members & religious guide.
Allah subhanahu Ta’lah sent Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu alihi wasalam to present Islam to the masses & it was at Mount Noor verses of Surah Alaq were revealed. Its an amazing opportunity to be part of the great legacy. Join Discover Islam on ‘The Makkah Challenge’ & leave your legacy.

How does it work?

You will make a contribution of a specific amount for your trip & fundraise to support Discover Islam activities. Fundraised amount will ONLY be used to support the educational activities in United Kingdom. You can use any muslimgiving or justgiving to fundraise for your fundraising target.

Your Contribution Fundraising Target
£775 £2000
£1200 £1000
£1625 £500

    Package includes

    • Makkah 3/4 star hotel
    • Madinah 3/4 star hote
    • Full ground transportation
    • Return flights & visas
    • Guided sightseeing
    • Dedicated Religious guidance
    • Umrah preparation seminar
    • Historical sites visit in Makkah & Medina
    • The Makkah Challenge goody bad