Peace be upon him

A 3D Model Exhibition on the Life of Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him, showcasing Pre-Islam Makkah and Medina models. It will also have 3D models of Masjid ul Haram, Masjid An-Nabawi and Baitul Maqdis.


Discover Islam has organised 100s of exhibitions & seminars with the help of Allah to build a better understanding of Islam & clear misconceptions. During our exhibitions we realised although we have an amazing exhibition about Islam & it talks about Prophets & Prophet Muhammad PBUH, we don’t have a complete exhibition about his life with models that will build a close relationship between us & him. We did our research and found out, there are organisations with some models & information but there is no complete Exhibition on his Life with various models of Makkan & Madenian period.

We felt its our responsibility to develop an Exhibition on his life & then the project Peace be upon him came into existence.

Your support is important

We need you to support this Project & make it a continuous charity for yourself.
With your support only, we will inshaAllah deliver the project in November 2016.

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