Cultural Exhibition

Discover Islam organizes Islamic Informative & Cultural Exhibitions from a learning perspective. It gives an insight to Islamic Faith. An Environment of openness & willingness can be felt at the Exhibition. The Exhibition provides the visitor with an opportunity to learn about Islam, clarify a point & ask questions on 1 to 1 basis.

The Exhibition has an attractive display of A1 Posters with 3m x 2m Bespoke Banners on Makkah, Madina & Baitul Maqdis (Jerusalem). Every visitor receives a Gift bag. It contains a Copy of Holy Quran (Religious book for Muslims) , Book on Islam, Seerah Booklet (Life of Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him) and other gift items. Exhibition also showcases the Islamic Cultural by displaying various Artifacts, Islamic Paintings, Islamic Calligraphy, Arabic Name writing & Islamic Cultural Dress. It has on display various copies of Holy Quran in different translations.

Discover Islam has been able to organize over 100 Exhibitions & 20,000+ have so far visited the Exhibitions. Exhibitions are organized all over U.K & Ireland.

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