Islam Awareness Week

Discover Islam is one of the main organization delivering this service in U.K & Ireland. It organizes Islamic Informative & Cultural Exhibitions from a learning perspective. It gives an insight to Islamic Faith. An Environment of openness & willingness can be felt at the Exhibition. The Exhibition provides the visitor with an opportunity to learn about Islam, clarify a point & ask questions.

Discover Islam has been able to organize over 100 Exhibitions & 20,000+ have so far visited the Exhibitions. Exhibitions are organized all over U.K & Ireland.

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Our new Exhibition contains information with breathtaking imagery which inspires the audience to spend more time in learning about Islam.

An Islam Awareness Week at the University includes

  1. 1 x 3m x 2m Masjid ul Haram (Makkah) / Masjid Un Nabawi (Madina) Banner
  2. (up to) 50 Display Boards with A1 size Posters.
  3. Translations of Holy Quran Display in various languages.
  4. 30 DI gift bags
  5. 30 Pocket size Pictorial Guide on the Life of Muhammad Sallallahu alihiwasalam
  6. 30 Brief Illustrated Guide to Islam Titles for the Exhibition posters are
  7. 30 Holy Quran (English Translation)
  8. 30 Fold able leaflets x 10 titles (300 total)

** If you like to have some extra literature at your exhibition e.g. Quran, Biography of the Prophet Muhammad pbuh, Leaflets etc then you can buy them for a very minimal cost. All of your donations go back to reprint more.

Every year Discover Islam tries to support Islamic Societies during their Islam Awareness Week by providing Islamic Informative Exhibitions & Literature with clear, presentable & understandable information on Islam. Since 2008 we are trying our best to develop products and process by creating exciting exhibition and effective communication method.

Discover Islam provides an opportunity for Islamic Societies to book their exhibition for Islam Awareness Week, which directly or indirectly supports Isoc and Fosis Activities, working side by side with ISOC and FOSIS at universities will give enough time to universities to book their avaiable slots and enables us to deliery in an effective manner.

Exhibitions are booked on a first come first served basis. If you require above Exhibition set for your IAW, please complete below information and email back on urgent basis. Since many Islamic Societies will contact us for the exhibitions, we suggest to pass them our details to book in order to avoid confusion .

* You can arrange Transport yourself, else we can organise ‘Delivery & Pickup’ at a very minimum cost.